E-cigarette manufacturer Kimree files for a $125 million US IPO

Kimree, which designs and manufactures electronic cigarettes for US tobacco companies, filed on Monday with the SEC to raise up to $125 million in an initial public offering.

Kimree claims it was the second largest e-cigarette designer and manufacturer in the world in terms of both revenue and production volume in 2013. The company recently launched its own brand of rechargeable e-cigarette, which it distributes through e-commerce channels. Its top five largest customers accounted for 94% of revenue in the 1H14, and its largest customer, which sources e-cigarettes to Altria, was 79% of sales. Customers in the US represented 90% of sales in the 1H14 and the EU represented 9% of sales.

Revenue increased 57% to $51 million during the six months ended June 30, 2014. Gross profit doubled to $20 million as gross margin expanded about over 8 percentage points to 39%. Operating income spiked 114% to $14 million.

Another e-cigarette company, Electronic Cigarettes International Group ( ECIG ), filed for a $173 million uplisting to the NASDAQ in May, and could launch soon.

The company is owned by its six founding Directors.

The Huizhou, China-based company, which was founded in 2010 and booked $98 million in sales for the 12 months ended June 30, 2014, plans to list on the NASDAQ under the symbol KREE. Kimree initially filed confidentially on July 10, 2014. Citi is the sole bookrunner on the deal. No pricing terms were disclosed.

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Kimree Files for IPO: Profitable E-Cigarette Maker in China

Kimree Inc. has filed an F-1 statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering.

No terms were given for the offering, but it can potentially raise up to $125 million. The company plans to list on the Nasdaq

Global Market under the symbol KREE. The sole underwriter for this offering is Citigroup.

Kimree designs and manufactures e-cigarette products. These range from disposable e-cigarettes to rechargeable e-cigarettes

and e-cigarette accessories. The company also launched its own brand of rechargeable e-cigarette called Ekmizer in May 2014,

which is a personal vaporizer that allows users to refill liquid solutions on their own. The company primarily distributes

Ekmizer through e-commerce channels.

While 24/7 Wall St. does not usually print when companies say they are a “world-leading company” in their field, the IPO

filing does include a Frost & Sullivan reference showing that Kimree was the second largest e-cigarette designer and

manufacturer in the world in terms of both revenues and production volumes in 2013.

Kimree and its founders claimed to have 334 e-cigarette related patents registered in China, two patents and 150 community

designs registered in the European Union, and 13 patents registered in the United States. Another claim is that it and

founders have 48 international applications published and 466 filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

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The company manufactures its e-cigarette products in Guangdong Province, China. In 2012, 2013 and the six months ended June

30, 2014, Kimree produced and sold 12.3 million, 47.3 million and 27.3 million units, respectively, of e-cigarette products.

The company also claims to have a customer base that is from more than 20 countries.

Kimree’s revenues increased from $21.3 million in 2012 to $79.7 million in 2013. Its revenue increased by 57.4% from $32.6

million for the six months ended June 30, 2013, to $51.3 million for the six months ended June 30, 2014. Kimree’s net income

increased from $0.7 million in 2012 to $13.3 million in 2013. Also, net income increased by 121.5% from $4.6 million for the

six months ended June 30, 2013, to $10.2 million for the six months ended June 30, 2014.

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U.S. “Business Week” reported that electronic cigarettes might be a lot more quick to quit smoking

This study benefits are “hobby” magazine acknowledged and accepted, with the similar time, america authorities are contemplating new laws nicotine brewing and sprayers. At this stage, the electronic cigarette business and overall health officials on whether the electronic cigarette is far more hazardous than cigarettes, irrespective of whether it might support people today quit smoking, and no matter whether youthful persons will smoke the electronic cigarette addiction together with other concerns within a fierce debate, benevolent see benevolence as well as the wise see wisdom, who also refused to accept who.

University London Cancer Investigation Center while in the implementation on the research received economic support from government money and tobacco providers. No reviews indicate that the study’s authors and e-cigarette firms have any financial romance, which will boost the reliability in the examine.

Through 2009-2014 the agency for some British families, and within 12 months of endeavoring to quit smoking have been studied. Through the research, nearly all smokers didn’t acquire any aid, while a third of people had acquired outdoors assistance, for example the usage of nicotine tablets and chewing gum, and 8% of people make use of the electronic cigarette. The review excluded people getting prescription drugs or psycho-social assistance to smokers, although not together with those who use each electronic cigarettes and nicotine substitutes. The outcomes showed that during the study period, the use of electronic cigarettes are more probably to quit smoking than other groups of people.

On the other hand, this study will not show the electronic cigarette is often as efficient in helping persons quit smoking evidence, will not let this end electronic cigarette organization trumpeted. Wellbeing authorities officials want is rigid and randomized trial to assess the effect from the differences concerning the electronic cigarette and placebo for verification. In addition, the electronic cigarette layout construction of various formulations and users may also create different effects. Plus the study didn’t clarify, smoking electronic cigarette cravings ultimately continues to be its outdated hair a fresh way to quit smoking. And scientists can’t show that the utilization of electronic cigarettes no matter whether there exists a risk of long-term addiction, cannot know what type of electronic cigarettes affect on individuals while in the coming decades, as only ten years history of electronic cigarette. Meanwhile, the electronic cigarette together with other risks, as an example, it occasionally may perhaps explode if not placed within a protected area, the young children even though enjoying might also inhaled toxic liquid.

Mayo Clinic Center for Nicotine former independent Richard Hurt, explained: “Today, numerous people today feel that smoking e-cigarettes are safer than direct smoke tobacco, nonetheless, regardless of how significant it really is not as secure being a breath of fresh air..”

Other scientific studies show that the United states of america, the quantity of individuals who feel that smoking e-cigarettes unsafe Americans are falling. Despite the fact that there are numerous difficulties above, but quite a few men and women nonetheless believe that the electronic cigarette will help them modify the deadly smoking habit may not be so in favor of a harmful habit. These scientific studies propose the electronic cigarette will help men and women quit smoking routines, and this tremendous health and fitness gains, from this stage on, the electronic cigarette will improve public wellbeing in huge aspect.

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Harm and prevention of electronic cigarette

First of all I should really say yes, really smoke and electronic cigarette, they may be fundamentally two items, the concept that most individuals do not know.

To smoke, a single is created through the combustion of strong particles, in addition to a mist arising after the substantial temperature liquid atomization, the former is smoked bacon, that is to drink oil, purely two concepts.

There is certainly also a people misunderstood fact is that the electronic cigarette just isn’t a smoking cessation solution, can only be regarded as smoking cessation aids, just substitute smoke. His principle is utilized to solve the addiction of nicotine around the entire body, taste the smoke and smoke simulation working with simulation to fix psychological addiction to achieve for the smoke impact.

One more is the fact that, inside the finish genuinely does do away with the smoke is, electronic cigarettes are addictive, and this situation is really incredibly typical, exactly where I electronic cigarette fans group of pals, they fundamentally fall into this scenario.

Just commenced pumping, the huge majority of pals may perhaps come to feel there isn’t a true smoke to properly pumping, the oil inside as a result of the smoke itself will not have tar, the smell of smoke nevertheless true that has a certain degree of big difference.

Second, why decide on electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette smoke relative to distinguish real, the following points:

1. Electronic cigarette doesn’t have tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, some just about all cigarettes, he just consist of nicotine, and nicotine itself just isn’t considerably harm, it just tends to make one particular issue addictive. Naturally, you’ll be able to not intake as well a lot volume, you draw within the eight day package deal seriously smoke, nicotine poisoning, as will, not surprisingly, most likely as a result of the direct help of other ingredients to heaven just before poisoning.

2. Electronic cigarettes will not generate second-hand smoke is nearly, will produce are fairly smaller volume, and doesn’t make people today feel terrible fog, the impact over the men and women around them and secondhand smoke genuine cigarettes when compared with pretty much negligible.

three. Electronic cigarette can artificially control the written content of nicotine, you can progressively cut down the amounts of nicotine in use, with their own will, may perhaps finally realize the impact of smoking cessation.

Why select electronic cigarette? Domestic smokers say

Kunming, an marketing organization Mr. Huang had smoked e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes understanding is “no ordinary cigarette smoke is very good,” the starting of pumping feeling a little unpleasant, pumping time period of time, the quantity of ordinary cigarette smokers truly feel a whole lot much less , but nonetheless come to feel “not had ample of addiction.”

Why opt for electronic cigarette? Foreign smokers say

Many former smokers, mentioned a number of days just after employing the electronic cigarette, they quit common cigarettes. “I breathe more freely, and sleep fantastic, as well.” 42-year-old Greg Hester mentioned. He engaged in info programs in Atlanta, smoked much more than 20 years. Electronic cigarette vendors Ms. Bass Coser Los previously mentioned, from the age of 14 begin smoking, when smoked two packs a day. She attempted to utilize the nicotine patch and a few other matters to aid quit smoking, but devoid of good results. Until early 2009, she began to buy electronic cigarettes, and continues to be used until now.

Why decide on electronic cigarette? Producers say

Ms. Bass is usually a former Los Coser pc advisor, she explained: “e-cigarettes transformed my lifestyle, I’d very much wish to introduce it to far more persons.” She started to founder of “non-smoking” final 12 months, and continues to be offered 1.five million e-cigarettes. No shouting slogans to the company’s world wide web internet site healthier, only to e-cigarettes described as “wonderful tobacco substitutes.”

Electronic cigarette may help smokers quit smoking conveniently addicts. Nicotine would be the main part leads to addiction, he could make people today develop euphoria and consequently their sense of dependence; making use of nicotine concentrations decreased by smoke bombs systematically, allowing smokers to preserve a reduce smoking standing , unwittingly get rid of smoking, quit smoking simply accomplish the objective.

Why opt for electronic cigarette? Explained American investigate institutions

Dr. Joel Ni Ziqi American Association of Public Health and fitness Doctors Tobacco Control panel that electronic cigarettes may very well be by far the most promising smoking cessation goods out there. He mentioned the solution must be regulated to make sure that production requirements.

Some scientists also think that electronic cigarettes to avoid tobacco combustion method, so may well harm smaller sized than typical cigarettes due to cancer and conditions due to smoking, largely by tobacco toxins made for the duration of combustion brought on.

Third, the hazards of e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes heat into water vapor that includes liquid nicotine. So, in relation to lung cancer, electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly substantially safer than standard cigarettes.

On the other hand, the electronic cigarette by heating the liquid nicotine. Key words within this sentence is nicotine. Nicotine is damaging for your physique, regardless of how you utilize it. Based on the researchers, nicotine constricts blood vessels, increases blood stress, but nevertheless would put strain on the heart. So, in essence, e-cigarettes unsafe to wellness, since they will lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The difference amongst electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, the former may possibly lead to cancer and heart ailment, which can bring about heart disorder. Also note the risk of heart condition by taking preventive measures, such as training, consuming low-fat food items, just consider care of on your own.

All in all, the electronic cigarette is harmful to health, or at the very least they can. But all round, they are significantly better than ordinary cigarettes much less harmful.

If you’d like to harm than traditional cigarettes, a lot more should really talk about its manufacturing raw elements, oil items supporting tobacco harm, specifically harm low-quality electronic cigarette.

one, 1st, some unscrupulous businessmen to attain much better success, the electronic cigarette liquid aspect could be in violation of terrible small business to include harmful substances, this kind of as diethylene glycol in place of propylene glycol, nitrosamines, plasticizers, hefty metals, etc., which could be hazardous cause great harm.

As outlined by individual preferences, smoke oil also joined chocolate, mint along with other spices flavor, spice quality right determines the dimension from the smoke hazard oil.

2, followed by a poor quality of some electronic cigarette uses a battery, lithium batteries without the need of such necessary certification of safety and top quality inside the electronic cigarette into such a small volume of lithium batteries, like a time bomb placed during the mouth American electronic cigarette explosion occurred from the very first half of smokers within the mouth, that is certainly this kind of a lithium battery to blame.

three, there exists quite a few organizations during which electronic cigarette nicotine overdose extra, the light resulting in the consumer dizziness, nausea, vomiting, significant instances may well lead to poisoning.

four, the other is a lot above the electronic cigarette marketplace referred to as “seven days of efficiently quitting, unsuccessful on refund” so exaggerated the part of electronic cigarette smoking cessation aids, the electronic cigarette is smoked boast magical result can quit smoking cessation, resulting in numerous smokers with high expectations and wrong mental awareness to buy, using discovery is just not the propaganda that is so magical, so extremely disappointed, plus the item had an awesome misunderstanding, ignite hands once again cigarettes, returned to the embrace of harmful cigarettes, drastically minimizing the motivation and self-confidence to quit smoking.

5, the presence of counterfeit electronic cigarette industry, accident-prone: much more than fake electronic cigarette merchandise, domestic and foreign difficulties have occurred, leading to a really serious accident due to excellent problems, but in addition attracted nationwide media focus on the situation of electronic cigarette goods and important.

Fourth, preventive measures

Recognize the principle of precaution is quite clear.

To attempt to select the correct electronic cigarette companies, primarily suppliers to pick the proper oil smoke.

Oil smoke is generally marked nicotine, nicotine minimal smoke oil to select, tend not to figure higher nicotine material along with the decision of neat smoke oil.

Not freeloaders, away from the fake.

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Imperial Tobacco Group

Assessment: Imperial Tobacco Group, Alison & middot; Cooper agreed to buy Blu electronic cigarette world’s best-selling. There is no smoke electronic cigarette in a dispute official war leader. It is reported that with the strengthening tobacco control legislation and tobacco companies to invest in tobacco substitutes, Cooper July buying decision Blu electronic cigarette is designed to promote the field of electronic cigarettes from Imperial Tobacco laggards become leaders. This will let Alison & middot; Cooper is known to be the Renault / Lorillard Tobacco Company merged unexpected winner.

electronic cigarette information message: When Imperial Tobacco Group, Alison & middot; Cooper agreed to buy electronic cigarette when the world’s best-selling Blu, she was known as the Renault / Lorillard Tobacco Company merged unexpected winner.

British CEO Davidoff cigarette vendor may have a lot of things to do in her surprise, Blu second quarter sales fell 35%. Antitrust issues, including the recession Winston brand, which is a $ 7.1 billion acquisition obtained, the acquisition is intended to help bring greater ease of acquisition of Renault – Cooper also need to revitalize traditional cigarettes .

With the tobacco control legislation to strengthen investment in tobacco and tobacco substitutes, Cooper decided in July buying Blu electronic cigarette is designed to promote the field of electronic cigarettes from Imperial Tobacco laggards become leaders.

Imperial Tobacco Company on “harm reduction” products have been falling o¨??¤??a International and British American Tobacco, the competition in the electronic cigarette in the UK are also involved late.

Challenger MarkTen

But, she wants to wait until the middle of next year after closing of the transaction is expected to begin Blu work, with the hope that Altria’s competitive brands MarkTen jointly maintain a commanding position in the market.

according to Information Resources, Inc., from four weeks starting July 13, MarkTen dollar market share increased 9.3%, reaching 12.9%; while Blu lose 4.8 percent of the market, down 33.5 percent. As customers turn to choose a more expensive rechargeable suit, Blu decline accelerated in the second quarter. Revenue from $ 57 million last year fell to $ 37 million.

Imperial Tobacco Company believes can do Blu brand.

“There is no change,” a company spokesman Simon & middot; Evans said: “Blu is still ranked first in the market, and it is we seek an international brand.”

Cooper in 1999 as a financial manager to join Imperial Tobacco, in 2010 as CEO, Imperial Tobacco in 2008 after the acquisition of Altadis cigarettes and Cohiba cigars increased Gaul, she has the need to build brand some experience. Under her leadership, the cigarette brand is to increase revenue in the Middle East, Khoi

Pakistani Asian markets also help to achieve growth.

internationalization push

When Cooper became the boss of Imperial Tobacco’s shares, including dividend reinvestment performance has lagged behind Lorillard, RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris and Altria company, as well as British rival British American Tobacco the company. Although the July 15 Imperial Tobacco Company agreed to acquire those shares fell 7 percent after the brand, but the company’s share price in the last year has been defeated Renault, Philip Morris and British American Tobacco.

“I am pleased to let her success to persuade the former CEO of Lorillard Tobacco Company American business leaders,” said one analyst at Morningstar Philip & middot; Gorham said he was referring to a decade in charge of the company Martin & middot; Oro Sharansky.

Retro Brand

“We know that we acquired will not be loved and insufficient investment in the brand, we are eager to get them,” Evans said: “With a lot of attention and investment, we are confident to reverse the situation.”

Evans said the company will focus on developing the Winston brand.

“I guess a way to return to the market is playing the retro card, and attract the whole retro, trendy crowd,” Bloomberg intelligence analyst Kenneth & middot; Shea said: “If you smoke, then Winston ., you’re not the most avant-garde ”

waiting Renault – Lorillard before completion of the merger, Cooper must wait for her time.

Once she won the title, an analyst at Berenberg Bank Bloomquist said: “It would be an obvious failure or apparent success – but it will be visible.”

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Asian electronic cigarette market is packed with potential

Although e-cigarettes in the EU to national development in complete swing, however the type in the electronic cigarette is too new, not apparent, resulting in lots of Asian countries, policies on electronic cigarette stays unclear, specifically inside the Middle East, also to Iran, the electronic cigarette, or e-hookah and no obvious perspective. The perspective of uncertainty in countries and areas include things like: South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. The primary control surfaces is regardless of whether the truth is they include nicotine, nicotine-free electronic cigarettes can really be typical sales (new glass except) in these nations and regions.

It’s been observed that Asian countries are frequently heavily influenced by European and American client markets, particularly during the field of quickly moving client products, electronic cigarette acceptance in Europe and America has attracted global consideration, primarily for your Asian marketplace had a powerful penetration.

Now, the South Korean electronic cigarette market place has returned upwards from a trough. Consumption of Middle Eastern nations hookah is substantial, but nonetheless hunting for electronic cigarette identity. Furthermore to China, the Indian market features a significant tobacco firms to operate the channel is expected to further increase the marketplace influence, the latter will not need a great deal advertising publicity.

The product or service kind, nicotine-free industry is totally devoid of hope, it’s a matter of viewpoint, as an electronic product with spices, can operate from a number of angles to it as some sort of vogue merchandise, not long ago focused a female cartoon pet image has become started to apply for the electronic cigarette, and product sales in Taiwan, such cross-border vogue works will not be the exception. Nicotine-free operation of your industry area has nonetheless to become excavated.

In brief, the quantity of population, the electronic cigarette is really lots of possible in Asia, but in contrast to Europe and lengthy procedures when it comes to product or service know-how, fairly easy and more Asian markets.

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Why You’ll want to Switch to E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes Gets a better Choice

You aren’t alone any time you get e-cigarettes at bar, fuel station or other destinations, you are just in one of your countless people today who have stepped in to the world of e-cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes, often called e-cigarettes, become a better alternate to traditional cigarettes, for the reason that they’ve got additional strengths in contrast with standard cigarettes and that is why e-cigarettes become so well-liked within a brief time.

The advantages of E-cigarette in excess of Conventional Cigarettes

Amongst individuals advantages you may get any time you are using an electronic cigarette, one particular of which can be that e-cigarettes don??t incorporate the carcinogens that observed in regular cigarettes. Quite a few industry experts have performed some toxicological research on e-cigarettes plus they display that e-cigarettes are safer and more healthy than normal cigarettes plus they can help decrease the healthier risk. What??s a lot more, some electronic cigarettes are extremely familiar with classic cigarettes in hunting, so it can be less difficult for smokers to accept e-cigarettes inside the initial time.

You may Decide on Many Flavors and Types for Electronic cigarettes

There are a large number of diverse varieties and flavors you could decide on for e-cigarettes. The flavored e-liquid is heated to produce vapor to become inhaled by buyers. The e-cigarettes get power in the battery inside to heat the e-liquid along with the taste is mixed inside the e-liquid. There are plenty of flavors are available, such as strawberry, candy and mint. Do you want to possess a attempt? Just before you try out it, you may have to have to search out a dependable electronic cigarette store. So if you would like know a lot more facts, you could go to kimree.com to get a search at.

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WHO multi-country scientists appealed not to the electronic cigarettes as tobacco merchandise

Electronic cigarette on line, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 30th, within the eve of Planet No Tobacco Day, the electronic cigarette has become a scientist with all the Globe Overall health Organization controversial target. A group of 53 individuals of a number of internationally renowned scientists appealed to WHO to not e-cigarettes as tobacco products, so as not to prejudice the worldwide tobacco harm reduction efforts.

Globe Health Organization is looking at its position on this product. Just before the organization had indicated they would agree to all products containing nicotine apply the same ban.

53 internationally renowned scientists in a letter World Well being Organization Director-General Margaret Chan explained in an open letter, the electronic cigarette won’t include tar to generate nearly all smokers from cancer, heart disease and lung disorder victims, the electronic cigarette could be the 21st century a single progressive wellness goods, may well be capable of save a huge selection of hundreds of thousands of people’s lives.

Group of scientists from Europe, Asia, Australia and North America appealed to WHO rather than the electronic cigarette tobacco merchandise, and so they think that this item is amongst the answers to resolve the harmful effects of tobacco, not one particular issue.

Offered the long-term hazards of e-cigarettes is unknown, Brazil and Singapore as well as other nations have banned e-cigarettes, several nations have stringent control over product sales of e-cigarettes.

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Italian examine demonstrates that e-cigarettes enable quit smoking

Difficult to quit smoking conveniently, is an indisputable truth. Recent research have shown that in Italy, the use of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking, the possibility of achievement or greater than common nicotine stick, medicines or counseling. However the U.S. Foods and Drug Administration plus the European Union member states adhere to electronic cigarettes shall be classified as being a drug regulation, and clinical practice proved to be far more a additional superior different therapies and possible.

Electronic cigarette is modeled portable electronic cigarette atomizer appliances, appliance via the fog will probably be converted into propylene glycol or glycerin mist, right inhaled. It posted with quitting or quit chewing gum as meant to slowly lower the quantity of nicotine inhaled smokers.

Researchers in the University of Catania in Italy for the duration of 2010-2012, tracing 3 hundred local smokers, the results of eight.7% from the twelve months immediately after the no smoking common cigarettes to quit rate from 4% just suck nicotine-free e-cigarettes, to 13 % of high-dose nicotine still suck electronic cigarette. Also, the University of East London had thirty-three components of your United kingdom, 1347 smokers investigation located that after the adjust smoking electronic cigarette, 74% do not smoke conventional cigarettes have already been for several weeks, 70% lessen smoking. Put simply, the electronic cigarette replacement therapy is successful.

But the federal government is skeptical with the electronic cigarette, even though studies have identified the usage of e-cigarettes within the to start with 9 months later, moderation ratio as large as 20%, but can continue, and eventually absolutely destroyed and nevertheless lack empirical information to assistance electronic cigarettes than other quit the superiority of the product or service kimree

“Relapse” has become a nightmare of smokers wish to kick the habit. Centers for Ailment Manage and Prevention had in 2010 to investigate and uncovered that 52.4 % of smokers inside the Usa in excess of the previous twelve months, have tried to quit at the very least when, but ultimately, only 6.two percent productive.

The truth is, the “success” temporary cessation of several weeks or months, not truly prosperous; right up until determined to kick the habit permanently, may be the serious accomplishment. Nonetheless, the final outcome will realize the latter, frequently mainly because important events and sudden health and fitness problems this kind of as cancer, heart ailment or stroke, some smokers to quit ahead of they agree to resolve.

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France gave the green light for your electronic cigarette

Tobacco In accordance to Chinese information report, according for the French “Le Figaro” reported that the French a part of the professionals on May possibly 28 for your utilization of electronic cigarette the green light, however the accompanying a series of prevention and protection measures to prevent it gets underage smoking breakthrough.

Their report was published in France on smoking prevention workplace website, which includes 28 suggestions ready in advance – they desired even further scientific proof, and wait for May well 28 Smoking Prevention Office Bertrand – Professor Duotengboge of Advisable. These proposals include a ban around the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, like all other tobacco merchandise. Accordance with all the requirements of public health and fitness bill to prohibit smoking in public areas smoking electronic cigarette will probably be sentenced. The authorities explained that in smoking spots, smoking electronic cigarettes will encourage persons smoking conduct. Mainly because single in the visual perspective, smoking electronic cigarettes incorporate nicotine and cigarette smoking doesn’t make any variation.

Though it has some efficacy within the prevention of smoking, electronic cigarette or harm brought about controversy tobacco sector. Mentioned while in the report from the dangers of tobacco – have 7300 people die of tobacco-related illnesses every 12 months, and in France, is called an electronic cigarette choices for making smokers away from tobacco smoke. Some authorities feel that e-cigarettes should not be publicly supported and urged pregnant females not smoking electronic cigarette. They explained last recommendations at its research consequences with the use will not exceed 6 months, the vigilance of the electronic cigarette also lengthy maintained.

Electronic cigarette manufacturer explained the product or service in France will reach 50 million end users, but Professor Duotengboge believe end users will ultimately attain one million, turnover of electronic cigarette hundred million euros may even have.

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